List of pokies based on movies

List of pokies based on movies

The transition of the films into video games is a struggling thing and most of the iGaming providers are trying to provide the biggest and blockbuster films into the slots. The pokies based on movies offer some of the best graphic effects along with the special features that you will find in online gaming factors. It is an exciting experience when you play for familiar characters with the cinematic experience that adds the virtual experience to the users.

Here is a list of some of the pokies game based on popular film, they are as follows.

Jurassic world

The movie Jurassic World is released in the year 2015 and the Jurassic Park movies pokies are returned in a big way. This game captures the essence of the larger than life movie with the perfect outcome along with the photographic stills of featuring characters of the movie. The additional coolest thing of the Jurassic Park slot game is their bonus features like Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Dilophosaurus, and Triceratops free spin rounds and each of them comes with the unique bonuses.

Terminator 2

Terminator 2

This is one of the simple slotting game and that couldn’t compare with the other slot gaming. This game does the fine job of beating the nostalgia of the movie and the game doesn’t provide you the big jackpot but it has the slick presentation of some of the best moments from the film.


The science fiction lovers are the biggest fans of the 1986 and movie id directed by the famous director James Cameron. With the best sound effects and graphics, the movie is getting transformed into pokies gaming. The Net Ent provides the various bonus features through this they get to level up as you progress through more winning spins.


Rambo brings the iconic character to the reels in action-packed style with the aggression and violence from the film. People who love machine guns and military action it will be one of your favorite pokies among them.

Dark knight and the Dark Knight Rises

This is one of the most popular movie series, this game emerged with the Christopher Nolan film starring Christian Bale and that bringing the intensity of the Gotham city top the online pokies game everywhere. The original game players will have the option to enable cinematic spins.

Each of these movie-themed pokies is famous among the casino players and they are allowed to play in both the demo and the real money mode.