Difference to be known between pokies and lotto

Difference to be known between pokies and lotto

People who have an interest in playing pokies will also have an interest in the lottery too. Because both will provide you with a high winning prize and will make you more entertained when you get into the game. These are simply said to be as the prospects of pokies versus lotto.

When you play for the lottery you will have to select 6 numbers from 49 pools. You will have the chance to win the top prize if you select for the perfect 6 numbers. This lottery game will attract many people and will make everyone to play it.


Pokies game is slightly complicated when they are compared to the lottery. In this, you can divide the number of symbols by 1. There are different types of pokies like video pokies, 3 reel pokies, 5 reel pokies, 7 reel pokies, 3D pokies, etc. These are individually said to be as the odds between online pokies and lottery.

With the same number, you can play for a few weeks in advance in the lottery. The game of lottery is very easy to play and it is very simple to be understood. You need no additional grasping capacity for this just marking the number is alright. The amount you win can be collected or it can even be paid to your account directly.

Pokies are the same as the lottery they are also easy to play. When you play it online you can get a lot of jackpots in the game. They will offer you with high bonus points which will include both the base game as well as the feature game.

Final thoughts

These are the main difference between pokies VS lotto which can be played by any people even through online sources also. with the help of this article, you can know the individuality of both.