Things to know about Anzac day trading hours

Things to know about Anzac day trading hours

The Anzac day is a time of respecting the soldiers who have lost their lives during the foreign conflict. Every year it is observed on the 25th of April to honor the members of the Australian and New Zealand army corps. To protect the people and the companies on this day the government will restrict the trading hours for the licensed companies. This restriction is usually done to achieve the balance between commercial work that includes the industries and community expectations.

Anzac dayTrading hours for licensed premises

This guide can only be applied to the trading hour with the use of the gaming machine and the service of alcohol for the licensed premises.

Standard license condition

Gaming on Anzac day will take place only for a short period. The sales and supply of alcohol will be permitted between 12:00- 12:30 am. For casinos and other gaming, factors are permitted between after 1 pm the normal trading hours will be applied. But they are not permitted between midnight and before 1 pm on 25th April. The application of temporary licensed factors will get varied.

The gambling and the liquor regulation must be satisfied within the given period. If you wish to play casino on Anzac day it will be available for a short time and will be closed within the given time.

RSL or service club

The RSL and service clubs are exempt from the standard regulation to provide services as the premises. The other licenses can apply for an extended permit hour for trading from 5 am to 1 pm on the Anzac day. There are pokies open on Anzac day if they are licensed with an agreement.

If the casino wishes to extend their working hours on Anzac day the completed application must be submitted to the gaming regulations.