Things you shouldn’t say to Kiwis

Things you shouldn’t say to Kiwis

New Zealand is one of the most famous places where you can live happily along with nature and also feel the technological advancement. The Kiwi is the term they are generally used to denote the peoples from New Zealand. If you are a foreigner and you want to live a life on the right side of New Zealand there are some things you shouldn’t say to the Kiwi people. Here are the following things not to say to Kiwis, these phrases will make them feel insulted.

  • Don’t ask them where are your shoes, this is something that makes you bit shock. But don’t say to new Zealanders the following phrase. When you come from one place where the shoeless people are generally shoeless this is because they have sold their kicks to keep up the heroin habit.

  • Have you ever been in the middle of the earth? The lord of rings is very cool when we used to hear it at the same time it is awesome to see some parts of the country through a big screen but now it seems to those poor sods, their sense of humor seems to revolve around the jokes about the New Zealanders and on their sheep.
  • Mince and cheese pies are gross, it is considered as remarks for their taste of food whether they are good or not, they just won’t get understand.
  • Football is much better than the rugby, this is may or may not be true you never used to say this to the Kiwi peoples. It is like saying I love Buddhism than Christianism on standing inside the church. In general, New Zealand is the home for most of the successful football players, so it is not good for you to say those Phrases to the Kiwis.

  • Where are you from Australia? You can hear it once in a day but without proper understanding about whether they are Australia or New Zealand, you shouldn’t answer the question.
  • New Zealand is just that Australian Island, you cannot go around and say this phrase to the Kiwi peoples this line is like saying that Canada is just a bit above America, you cannot devoid the New Zealand from Australia, so avoid to say to Kiwis.

Final words

New Zealanders are more famous worldwide for being some of the happiest and they are carefree peoples on the earth, this article can help you to create an idea about things not to say to Kiwis.